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Woke up to no water this a.m. Oh Man!

It's incredible!  It only got to 34 last night and we didn't think we needed to drip water- WRONG!  We should have!
We didn't run the furnace either because we have tons of blankets on the bed and we have two electric heaters. So, we didn't do what we always do, run both water and furnace. 

It really messed up my morning routine!  Oh well, live and learn!
We spent Sat. with the kids, like the post the other day, we went to Wales West.  We met the owner and met the people we would have worked for, ugh!  We did not introduce ourselves, we felt that was too over the top; since we had turned down a job there last summer.  But it was a great day!  It was so much fun to watch the grandkids be so excited about the trains. 
So here's some pics...