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Therefore I stand...

I have told my testimony before but I am still being called "religious", "she may talk about her religion." 

I don't have a religion, I don't.  I have a relationship with the Trinity.  God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit who lives inside of me. 

I have been a Jesus follower for over 30 years, really longer.  As a child I gave my heart to Jesus in "Big Church", I tried hard to read my Bible but it was difficult for me to understand and not one person said to start with James and work your way through the Gospels and then take on Acts and the rest of the New Testament because the Old Testament may stop a new believer quickly.  Once you get through the New you can go into the old and start with Psalms and Proverbs and them gear up and take on another book. 

With all the yuck stuff going on around us, how do we remain strong and mighty? 
How do we not fall for the enemies lies that things are "suppose" to be this way? 
How do we not accept it…