Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Life, sometimes don't you just wonder how it will turn out?

What changes we have experienced just over the past 7 years of our administration.  Life as a Christian standing up for what's right and just are being run over like a stampede.  When did the rights of others get pushed so hard, oh wait, since always.  All through history, even Biblical History, if you didn't believe one way or another you were killed off or dismissed as an underling. 

As a kid growing up, we knew really no color.  Granted we lived about 2 blocks from the Indians (Native Americans)- but back then that's what they were called and they really are a proud group.  I went to school with them, not great because as a Custer, the stories that they grew up with were not of the "greatness" of Custer.  They were of a man who took away their land, forced them onto land that was not in their territory and killed so many.  But as a kid, I didn't know that.  As a kid, I knew I had better run fast or get my 'butt' kicked.  I did get it kicked a lot.  I hated school for a few reasons, one being beat up every day and the other because I was terrible in comprehending everything.  I loved spelling, the meaning of words, the writing, but math- YUCK!  Loved history but at bite size bits. 
Our house was a twin to this one- actually on the right side of this one.  That front bedroom was my sister and me.  In fact, this house is nicer now than when we lived there.  There was an older lady who lived there. I love knocking on her door and talking to her.  There was a house behind here where Mrs. Snider lived, she was an awesome lady. 
601 4th Ave N, Great Falls, MT
This was our neighbors home and ours is on the left.  My mom used to hide our Christmas presents in the attic and I still found them!  HAHAHA.

So growing up in an area that well, was pretty poor a few blocks away.  And we were just as poor as they were.  My mama worked hard at 2 jobs to secure our place in this world.  My father was never around.  He grumbled and complained about sending child support.  He made choices that never included us.  For years I protected him.  For years I believed what was true in my head and heart, but not what was the truth.  My mama worked hard to supply our needs.  She sent us to Sunday school on the bus because she didn't want to go but knew the value that it would have on our lives.  Pretty soon, the father walked away, not heard from very often, yet this "little girl" still thought the world of him.  After all he was the knight in shining armor and he would save the day.  Well, truthfully, I met him as an adult and he would not have been able to save the day, he was pretty lost in his own world.  As the adult, that knight in shining armor, was dented, chinks in his armor that were severe and it was rusted over.  My heart hurt so much.  What was worse than finding that out was life choices hadn't changed.  Though I was in the area for holidays, it didn't matter, his other family was there and took first place and I wasn't chosen to be part of that.  That hurt, deeply and divided my very core.  As I shared my sad story with a Pastor that worked at the Campground we did, she invited us to join her Healing Group.  Powerful healing. 

I began to let go of that father, and I began to see my step-dad who had been around since age 12 in a deeper more beautiful light.  He had always been there, when things were good and bad.  When I had gotten married- though they all knew it was a mistake they loved me through it.  When I had my children, when they were in the hospital, when life got hard as it sometimes does and when it was fun and easy.  For over 40 years, my step-dad has been there, even when my heart hurt from my own father, Leonard was there to pick me up and piece me back together. 

I digress, the Wellspring class brought some of the deepest healing into my life and Steve's too.  We slowly began to let go of the father.  That father began to let go of himself and began to change.  Into things that I could not accept and could not handle.  He is not the same person from my dreams of him.  The things that are going on today, so many accept as real and truth when it's not.  It's lies to take you away from the things of God. You can find the teachings of this in the 1/11 -3/11  blogs here just look on the right side of the page.  God is an awesome God and sometimes we have to say goodbye permanently to those we hoped would be the person God created them to be and not the ones that the devil does. Letting go is tough.  It's the roughest place to be. 
BE ALERT!  Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. Stand firm against him, and be strong in your faith.:

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