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Incredible day

It started by meeting Mr. Hudson, our neighbor who lives/lived behind us.  We gave him a box back that got cleaned out of his house he is selling.  He was happy to get it back.  We prayed together, anointed him with oil and shed some tears.  Mr. Hudson is about 94 now, moved into an assisted living place and still drives.  My greatest memory of Mr. Hudson, I have a few, but the greatest memory is of him holding onto his flag pole and praying over the nation and for others.  You could hear him weeping and wailing.  It was so precious! 

 The other memory I have is of his asking my daycare kids questions when we would walk by, they loved him too. 

We prayed for several others, okay, Steve did.  Steve is pretty good at this, I tend to not be as much.

Voices of Veterans: Louis HudsonBy: Andy Conner Email  Hollywood put hundreds of stories of World War II on the silver screen, depicting just about every major conflict in the Pacific and European theaters. Take for example, The Longest Day, …