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It's hard... at times... to be...

When your children grow up, they leave home, for some it is joyful but for some it is extremely difficult.  My last child left and it was devastating!  It was the worst case of "I wonder what I will do now that my kids are gone".  I was a children's pastor and that helped some but my mom life was over. 
At times I still feel so disconnected from it.  It's been 10 years and it is still hard.  I am not one to "talk back" to my own parents and I am not one to talk badly to my own children.  But when they hurt my feelings, I am not sure what to say.  My feet want to run, my heart cries out to my Heavenly Father - Abba Father!  Not sure how to deal with this part of my life.  My dogs don't talk back, they do have minds of their own and will express them, but they love unconditionally and don't scream. 

That's what is on my mind today. 

We did make a trip to the Gulf Coast and found it breathtaking once again.  However, the next time retirement com…