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We are getting revelation this morning. I am going to have to go over this as I write it. The Holy Spirit is speaking fast.

  So here is what the Lord showed me: Pastors of churches need to help their people come expecting, not by just singing 3 or 4 songs that are planned but letting the Spirit flow, then do not plan your sermon- have an idea but be open the Word of God where He leads you, follow and read as a family, if that means going searching, listen to the pages turn and ruffle (what a great sound!).

  PEOPLE! You need to go expecting to see and meet God face to face and not in a 1-3 hour service but a service that fills you until you have been so filled you have to roll out. Until the church changes, people won't. People will continue to stay hungry and find themselves filling up on sin instead of God. We have been to so many churches, most not filling us up and not even making us hunger for God. You may say, that's not a churches job, but I beg to differ. It…