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Dinosaur Valley State Park and Glenrose TX

This was the whole reason for coming here.

It's really a neat place however, it will be closed when we leave so we have not or will not be able to see it. 
But we did see some dino tracks and forgot the camera.  But it was a great long walk up some hills and down some hills.  Are there Dinosaurs in the Bible.  Oh Yea, Leviathan and Behemoth are in the Bible.  They run through Job, when he talks about it.

This is taken from Dinosaurs and the Bible.
The Bible’s Text
The Bible refers to many the common animals we know today. The list includes lions, wolves, bears, sheep, cattle and dogs along with various kinds of birds, rodents, reptiles, and insects. What is interesting is that this extensive list includes three animals that we no longer recognize. These three are (in the original Hebrew language) tanniyn, b@hemowth (yes, it’s spelled correctly—at least as close as we can get in Roman character…