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The Call

Powerful Weekend for my heart, mind and soul at the Beth Moore Living Proof Conference this past weekend. 

I have written before about what our call is but so many times, my desires outweigh that call in such a way that the devil gets to play in my mind.  Like wanting Church Ministry again.  Really, I don't want it, I want to reach children for Jesus but I don't want the politics of church, I don't want the cradle to grave option of grace in a building.

My heart wanders and wonders time and again what being in the church would be like and I go searching and sometimes even applying for jobs just to get shot down.  It's not that I am not qualified, I am well qualified.  But those rejections are reminders to me that God has us right where he desires us to be. 

He has us as a Light in the Darkness shining His light.  We don't have to preach the Gospel, but we do have to live it so others see Him in us.  It doesn't mean we don't mess up, because we do greatly…