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Are we there yet?

As we enter into his rest, we have found so many truths in this short amount of time.  James has opened up new eyes to see what we should be doing.  If you have not read any other day, you really need to.  Start the January and finish the January, you will find some great truths in the Name of the Lord. 

One thing many fear at the end of their life is death.  Some who know Jesus and Jesus knows them are not afraid, they welcome the end with open arms.  They are ready to see Jesus face to face.  But some wonder too, if Jesus will say, "I know you not".  You have lived for him, attended church, been involved, but really never really knew him.  Do you know Him?  Really?  Have you stepped and steeped in his word?  Have you walked along the road, sat with him, talked with him, worshipped him in your everyday life?  If any of those are no, you might want to start now, today without putting it off any longer.  When I get to heaven, I want Him to say to me, you did it good and fai…