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Good very cold morning in most places

The Sun is shining but the winds haven't picked up yet and it is a bit chilly here in NW Florida!  I am sure it is chilly in many places.  I looked at the forecast in Omaha, NE and it's 3' with a windchill of -11!  Burr!  What is the temp where you are?  Is it bone-chilling cold or is it nice and toasty and you are ready for a house guest?

We got groceries yesterday so we could stay in the next few days and stay warm, but we have a Bible study tonight anyway!  But we will still stay warm and study. 

I know for some of you, when you hit my blog you didn't expect to get small sermons, but ya know, this is really us.  Our hearts desire is for you to really know Jesus as your own personal friend. 

If you already do know him, do you have a daily renewal of your mind?  Is your tongue harnessed so that it doesn't set before you words that you can never take back?  Are those words a blessing to others or do they curse?

Are your thoughts taken captive by God or by the devil?…