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Have you ever been so angry at the devil for taking something so precious away?   As I am writing this, I was attacked by the enemy of Jesus.  I felt pain in my chest down to my waist, it was tight and I thought I would pass out.  My husband began to pray and it ceased.  See, the enemy comes to kill, steal, and/or destroy.

Last week a child, he was just 15, was taken by the Spirit of Death who lied to him.  He believed him and he is gone.  The devil uses whatever he can to take away life, and believes that he will "rescue" you.  But he doesn't rescue, he steals from the person he lied to and the entire family. 

The devil comes to kill, steal and destroy.  If he can do one of those things, he will not leave you alone until he gets all of them. 

When we enter in a life with Jesus, no one said it was going to be easy, NO ONE EVER should tell you that living in obedience will be easy.  When you enter into a life with Jesus, you enter into a realm of a Spiritual life with h…