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God's Call

In a debate of sorts, I found myself not wanting to take part in it.  Since I know the Lord has called me into ministry and ordained me as a Minister of the Gospel of Christ as a Pastor.  I know without a shadow of a doubt he has.  Yet, many denominations do not recognize women in the pulpit.  They see just a few scriptures and take man's word for it and stand on it.  But there are so many more scriptures that proclaim differently than those very few that many stand on as the Whole Word of God.   I see many youtube videos of people proclaiming that others are apostates and preaching the wrong things and maybe they are or aren't but don't take their word for it, look up those scriptures, find out for yourself who God has called.  No one is righteous, no not one! We are saved by grace, but once saved/born again, we must work as change agents for the Kingdom.  No weapons formed against us shall prosper, all that rise up against us shall fall.

This word came up, I had to go i…