Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Joy of the Lord is my strength!

Let's get you up to date on our life.  This past weekend, Sunday and Monday morning- we left church and as we walked out the door, Steve said, "let's head out today instead of waiting until tomorrow morning."  You see, Sunday was BEAUTIFUL outside!  Monday, a bit cold in the morning but really beautiful too. 

So, we came home, packed up 2 days worth the clothes, the coffee maker (yeah, I know), shut the water and water heater off and headed south for Navarre.  We turned east and headed to Destin, not much of a plan in place but knew it was our gift to ourselves and we were gonna enjoy! 

So, here is our 12 pic journey into the Southern panhandle of Florida.  So pretty, the beaches are white like snow and it was so quiet and it was just wonderfully peaceful. 

This was along coast road 30A, beautiful and prestine. 
 Look closely at the ramp, it reminded me of snow and no one shoveled the walk! 
 Steve was enamored by these rather big fishing vessels.  He walked up and down the piers looking at the size and admiring them.  It was like watching a little boy with a new bike.  We walked along the Harbor Walk in Destin and really enjoyed the quiet of the evening.  We went into Harry T's and ate a light dinner and watched a dolphin play in the water.  We then watched the sun go down.  It was spectacular and peaceful.

As we walked along we saw these carvings.  Beautiful!

 Here's the HarborWalk as you come into Destin.  We were so excited to go find out what this was like.
 This is the sunset from inside Harry T's and that's Destin Bridge on the right.
We found a small 1 owner Christian book store and visited with the owner.  He is going out of business because the big Christian store is pushing them out.  This man was exciting and a fresh breath.  He loved our ministry too! 
 I think everyone should have a yellow and purple house next to the beach with a cup of java and the sunrise or sunset.
 Along the road in Watercolor FL, in the town center sat 6 smaller, older, airstream trailers that open up as stand up restaurants during the busy season.  They were so kewl, we were just amazed at them. 
 As we drove along we came through this neat little european style villege called Alys.  It just blew my mind, I love the european style neighborhoods and streets and here it was in FL. 

Take a look at the next picture, look really close.  It's a round glass house on the beach.  It's wonderfully delightful! 

 This is wonderful, money?  Who cares, it was most likely earned and it is wonderful.

The next photo is the village of Alys.  So kewl!

 We weren't sure what this was but it was awesome!

Steve and I thought this would be a great prayer room!  Wow! 

As we journeyed along we were so awed by the different villages we saw and the different houses, the beaches and the estuaries that seemed to be everywhere along with small lakes. 

As we prepare for the next year in our journey, we trust that God has an incredible purpose for those we love and those we know.  For us, we have applied for a new job, it is so up to the Lord to bring forth this plan.  We did our part and sent it out in faith.  I will share more info when we have it, but we are in prayer about what God is doing.

It may well mean we come off the road and settle down again.  It may well mean many things.  We stand in prayer and in the security that God has a plan.  We do have a job in Michigan, one thing that scares us is that gas prices continue to rise and we have traveled with trailer and it was expensive.  We will continue to live in our rig until the end of whenever. 

Today, I found out I have one class left and I will have my bachelors!  I just have one thing to do, 70 hours of teaching, preaching and volunteering before it is given. I don't really have a place to do this here and that's hard.  I will also work on ordination.  I just can't believe this journey of school work is almost complete!  We were both so blown away when we
realized this journey of 2 1/2 years of school to complete a 4 year program is almost done! 
Until next time... Blessings and wonderful love!

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