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Just gotta share it!

The last blog I wrote about the Revival. It is Mobile AL and it is the 2nd revival breakout with Pastor John Kilpatrick. 

Here is a link to his church.  It may or may not be your cup of tea, but it is good.  Just let the spirit of God flow through you.

Here is from the revival on January 22 - it is over 3 hours long!  But if you desire to watch it, you will truly be so blessed!

I am still so blown away by the presence of the Lord. 

I have to say something that has really been on my heart.  If you don't know me, this may seem really strange to you, but if you do know me, than you know my heart.

When I became a Christ follower, I was nuts and so on fire for a real relationship with Jesus.  I told any and everyone that I came into contact with.  Then over time, I let go of junk that consumed my life- being angry, holding grudges, etc and let it all go.  It wasn…