Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Looks like this is it!

Mark today as a day of new beginnings!

A new beginning starts when you realize the changes that are taking place.  We are awakening yet again and know that within a few days our outlook will change, the outside we see today will be different by Saturday afternoon, we know that our last day of work is tomorrow and we are so ready!

A new beginning looms in the days ahead, our approach is slow but steady, our days are numbered here. 

New management has taken the helm and we are about to disembark onto a new journey. 

Time is short and we are sure of a few things.  It is to rain Sunday and Monday so we are leaving Florida Sat. and getting to the RV dealer early so we will be prepared and ready for them.  We looked ahead and will be praying off the weather as we prepare for our trek to TN.  It is pretty stormy looking and we want to make sure we don't travel in those storms. 

So, for today, we are entrusting God with his continued love and plan for our lives.  What about you? 

What is something you can have a new beginning with?  Jesus gave you an opportunity for a new beginning.

Trust and VIPKID travels!

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