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Saying goodbye to a life discovered and lived.

What a whirlwind of a year or a few years.  We have seen ourselves so stuck a little over 2 years ago and not sure if we could even make it to climbing out of it very slowly and very rocky at times.  Giving up our time together but because it was something that he loves to do and something I have been pulling myself to do and then To exceedingly more abundant than ever.  The Lord does restore, he restores everything that was once lost to follow Him in obedience.

God is always on time.  We can plan, we can even decide what we want to do and follow that but it may not work out, we fail, we fail attempting it on our own when we should have listened to HIM and followed. We believe that God laughs at our attempts to make it without Him.  How many times do we think we are bigger than Him?  How many times to we believe we can do it on our own? 

I am so grateful that God is the Father that says, come on home, it's okay, you are forgiven and you matter to me. 

You see only God can.  Wh…