Thursday, July 21, 2011

So, you're not at a campground anymore but you still have the name?

We do still have the name, the blog, the passion for people, the love of Jesus in our whole being and we love you all.

Christ in Action Meeting People where they're at...  We meet people everywhere that maybe hasn't had someone say good morning to or that has had a no good,horrible, very bad day and they are ready to move on.  Sometimes we can't move on because there is a lesson to be learned here and they just haven't been willing to listen to their heart to find out why.  So, sometimes we/they repeat the pattern and it's a matter of a number of very bad days and still the still small voice continues to try to get their attention to say "Hey, I am here, Listen to Me!"  But maybe still they don't hear that still small voice and their days continue to spiral down. 

Or maybe they have listened and it really does change their life. 

So, the point here -> Listen to the voice of the Lord, that still small voice that desires the most to lead you in the right direction.

God is so incredible, but we need to submit to Him and be willing to give ourself completely over to Him and know that He created us to love, to worship Him only- not all the stuff we are surrounded by. 

Love you all. 

Trust and VIPKID travels!

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