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Lord, Jesus, COME to all who are weary.

On the road again, after spending the winter in two different places.  The Sabbatical has been good.  Growing ever closer to the Lord is always an amazing journey.  More of Him and less of ourselves.  He always provides. Always gives abundantly.  Always is there when we call on His name!  The Name of the Lord is Strength, Protection, Grace, Peace, Love, and Hope. 

Even in the Storms of our lives, He is there.  I write this because so many times, things come and things go, but I don't worry because I know my God is with me.  He has never forsaken me.  Ever.  Oh sure, at times I have wondered "Lord, Why are you so quiet?". 

For years, I have dealt with something so dark and sinister, even through ministry, even through working.  It's not that I believe it's bad but it is.  God gives us life and life abundantly right?  After David died, these thoughts that I never realized were self-hatred came rushing into my thought life.  I mean, like a mighty rushing wind tha…