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Well, how ya doin today?  Hope you had a great evening and you are so ready for a new day. 

We are continuing our journey through James.  Today we are on James 3.  It's a very interesting look at our words.  How sharp our tongue is, like a two edged sword.  Words can hurt, words can tear you down or build you up.  They can make or break you.  People may call you this or that and whether or not it's true, it can be hurtful.  Kids and adults are bullied, names called, and hurts that can last for a lifetime if not released, forgiven for your sake not always theirs. 

Today, we are going to use a few different angles to look at James 3.  It's a great chapter, as all of them are, but this is one that we have to really take some bites and chew on.  It's only 18 powerful verses.  Over half of them have to do with our tongue, words spoken and what are responsibility is to tame it.  People are quick to call you names when you don't agree with them instead of looking at all…