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VIPKID is an Incredible job

I love this Job!

I'm a Campground missionary and do this as a part time job (15-18 hours a week-30-36 classes) and it has brought in a good chunk of change! I have taken time to figure out what works for me. I make more with them working part time than I did working in the classroom. I have been with them for 6 months. I teach English to kids in China. They have offices in California and Beijing and follow all US laws like any other company. It is #5 on Forbes list of the best company to work from home in 2017.
It's for ages 4-15 and they are working on a 15+ curriculum. You set your own schedule. You teach one child at a time for a 25 minute class. I make $xx an hour and there are lots of opportunities for bonuses. There is little prep needed and you just login and read from a Po…