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From Sum to nun... Happy Valentines Day

What a week or so!  It's been incredible and we had sum but now we have still sum but nun of the sum to do with what our heart desires. 

Speaking of heart's desires...

What have you always dreamt of doing but have never done?  Do you think it's too late to do what you have always wanted to do?  Did you know God puts things in our hearts and hopes that we will reach for them, some times they are really easy to reach but some times they take a bit of faith, work, love, hope, joy, and strength to endure until the promise is fulfilled?

God puts on our heart when we are a child a dream, "I want to be a doctor" but through life, this dream was placed on a shelf.  Maybe along this child's journey, things were said or things were done in this life that this dream was gone- it wasn't poof gone but it was put off and put into a blessing box.  That blessing box is God's box of all the things he has given you, either while you prayed, thought, dreamt of, or put off…