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Because He loves you.

When you start reading different stories in the Word of God, you begin to realize that perfect people were not in the Bible.  So why do we think we have to be perfect first before we come to the Lord.  We don't, that's the beauty of it.  He turns our lives around, he accepts us just for who we are.  Some have done so much in their short life that they wonder if they can ever be accepted or forgiven.  I am here to tell you, Jesus saves.  He loves us regardless how we view ourselves or feel about ourselves.  He brings us out of the pit of despair, the pit of hell, the grip of the enemy.  He does and he finds us valuable in His Kingdom, even if the world doesn't. 

He finds us and lifts us up to be something great.  We all have calls on our lives, but it's what you do with that knowledge and call that determines your outcome.  But I have to say sometimes we put ourselves into such a pit that we can not see how we can get out of it.  When we can't seem to see a way out,…