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Do you?

Welcome back!

I have been praying about what to write about. 

A friend said she read through Jude and the Lord had me on a book that was really quite similar in its teaching.  So, I ran and read Jude too and it met with the other books in the same context.  I was so blown away how the Word of God makes incredible and beautiful sense. 

We fall for so many things.  We fall for what the world decides for us that we should believe, we fall for who's running for president, we fall for all the crazy ideas that are happening, the things the media wants us to believe, the world is a place that isn't what some of us are used to anymore.  It is changing but it's changing because sin has always entered in but many are more accepting of it as normal.

I am not here to tell you, you are right or wrong, but what the Word of God says. 

Some think that the Bible is outdated, doesn't understand the happenings of today, it's written by men, etc.  Those are all the things the dev…