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God Gives us U-Turns

What do I mean by God gives us U-Turns.  You can always turn things around.  We have choices in our lives that allow us to do that. 

Are you working at a job that really bites?  What would you like to do?  What are the things/gifts you have that you would like to use for a job?  What are you really good at that you can use as a talent to find a new position? 

Are you addicted to something?  Do you like it or is it taking you down?  Is it consuming your life and your joy?  Is it controlling your life?  Your health?  Your relationships?  Get help, find a Celebrate Recovery group.  This group helps you to put Jesus first, you only have today and you have Jesus and He allows U-Turns.  Find help for your addiction, Jesus can help too! 

Here is my U-Turn.  I am not sure how many are reading this, it varies at times.  But I recently read a blogger post that said why should I update on FB when I can write it on my blog?  Well, I really thought about that…