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Oh what sites we see...

Oh the sights we see!  Aren't those outfits just wonderful?  Janette has 5 layers on and Steve has 4!  During the winters, the wind and the rain have been brutal and almost tortuous, at least we think so.  We start out at 7:15 and complete the cleaning around 12:15.  I so wanted to post the beautiful bathrooms we find in this journey, however, we didn't want to enjoy the sight so much.  Some mornings are the grossest you ever want to see and sometimes we are really blessed to see rigs like this!
This rig is carrying a smart car and a dune buggy and towing the Grand Junction.  What a sight to come upon!  We have seen the other day, 2 Semi-trucks with huge RV sleepers on them!  Oh wonderful to be able to do your job and carry your house with you!  Umm, that's what work campers do as well!  Pretty kewl! 
Pensacola beach, we were driving along the beach road and we had taken the road before, but admittedly it really skeered us when we came here because we had no idea where we w…