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Those voices in my head are not of God!

The Battle is the Lords!
A voice somewhere out of nowhere comes and tells you you are not worthy, you need to just leave this earth and it will be better.  The battle of voices rage in your head, who do you believe? The devil or Jesus?
 I choose to believe the Lord.  He is the author and finisher of our life, our faith, our cornerstone, our everything.  
When the enemy attacks, it's real, it's not imagined.  It's a loud voice in your head that just seems to repeat itself!  These attacks come when fear starts to creep in.  Fear is from an unknown source that seems like it knows why the fear, but the attacks, man! Fear is not real, it is imagined and its foundation crumbles, it has nothing but a grip and you can release it.  It may seem powerful, but I tell you it is not!  You can control your thoughts!  We have to take back what the devil steals!  Every. Single. Time!
 I don't need a drug for this. I just need Jesus!  I need to remember that I have been through the fir…