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When life gets tough, rough and troubled, what do you do?

Do you get mad?  Do you take it out on someone or something?  Do you seek smart council?  Do you believe that the Lord can help and He is always there? 

For me, personally, when I know I can't solve it myself, I go to a prayer book and start praying through it until I get peace.  But some people aren't like that, I get it.  I have seen it.  Sometimes we are so afraid of what's on the other side of that, that it is hard to see the answers clearly. 
Sometimes, it's easier to carry the burdens of bitterness, regret, anger, malice, and even jealousy or self bitterness than it is to confront the real reasons for it. 

Those are all tools, but definitely not good tools or even good baggage to carry around. 

It takes strength to let these things go.  It really does.  I remember being bullied in school, chased home daily and beat up.  When I was going through a Wellspring Healing class, the Lord woke me one night and said "you need to forgive Liz and the other gal for …