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Multi-Gen Leaders and friends!

For some that have been reading and believing that I am radical, I am!  I am radically in love with Jesus!  
I have been this way since Jesus first found me!  I have been on fire, baked, steamed, fried even for what I believe.  But I have been in ministry and had been hired because I love Jesus and I love kids and I love watching Kids fall head over heals in love with Jesus.  
God has given me a great gift.  I started two Awana clubs.  One in the Azores and one in a Lutheran Church in Omaha NE.  Both clubs had a Multi-Gen group.  How?  Oh Man, have you ever been so excited about anything?  It's contagious and it's wonderful and it's POWerful!   In the Azores, I had leaders that did not have children come and listen to verses!  I had AF Commanders come and listen to verses.  I had them as Game Guys- 4 of them at once did games because of their jobs they needed to be able to be efficient without me being the game person.  We always started our nights off with worship and pr…

We are on missions

What does missions mean to you?  Does it mean going overseas to preach the Gospel?  Maybe it's the Mormon faith how the teens go on missions all over the world including the U.S.?  
When the Lord chose us to go on this mission minded life, it was not an easy thing for us.  We owned 2 cars - owned them- they were paid off.  We owned our truck, we owned our trailer but it wasn't built for what God was calling us for.  So we traded that in for one that would work.  We were told to go after the one.  We were not sure or even for certain what that meant except we knew the person.  I had not seen that person in over 20 years.  I had only met him 5 times in my entire life.  He chose to leave our lives when I was 5.  He came back into my life much later, but he was not the person I thought he was.  I always saw him as a knight in shining armor. I always thought he would come and save the day.  Little did I realize that self-centeredness really took over and we had been left.   We put …