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A Life Worth Living with God All things are possible!

God is good right?  God doesn't cause bad things to happen, but the devil does.  The devil comes into kill, steal and destroy any good thing.  He brings in his little demons and sometimes big demons to keep you in bondage so he can play in your mind, heart and soul. 

We are here to kick devil butt!  So, here are the devils that will attack and maybe they have already set up shop in your life.  It's time to kick them out in the name of Jesus!

These are the spirits that will invade your life and cause you death in so many areas!  Are you ready?  Let's kick them out! There are just a few (haha) of them,
one is accusing spirits- they can operate in our life when we don't know what the real Spirit looks like.  They build on our ignorance of who we are in Christ.  They tempt us to misunderstand who other people really are.  They confuse our thinking about God's true nature.  Their goal is to bring us down, to bring others down, and to bring God down.  They seek to separat…