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Chaos in the world!

This is an incredible time!  So many countries are protesting, some of them have no jobs, some have nothing for the young people in their country to continue their education for some countries has been taken away from what they knew.  Countries and cities are bankrupt, the jobs are not really there, this is the time to get right with Jesus. 

Their lives seem hopeless and they are fighting for whatever!  The things that are happening in America also are changing.  The times are short, Steve has been studying prophecy for that last few years, it has been something that God has led him to do.  So, enjoy the read, think about it and look at the world around you. 

From the lips of Steve!

The last days,

There are many up and coming signs- the key to which is Israel.  Iran's nuclear armament and its alignment with Russia, China and other mid eastern countries vowing to wipe Israel off the map.  God has promised to never let that happen.  Israel holds the Jews- God's Chosen people. E…