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Worth More than Gold or Silver, Rubies and more...

Worthy is the Lord, Worthy is He that sits on the Throne.  Worthy is He that comes down from above and makes the way for us to be His. 

We are also worthy, worth more than Rubies!  We are worth more than anything in the Kingdom of Jesus.  We are worth more than gold. 

So many songs go through my brain when I get a word.  Click on these links and be taken to a place to worship!

Worthy, you are worthy

Fire Fall Down

Worthy is the Lamb

Your Love Never Fails

Sometimes I have not felt worthy, not dirty, not unclean, but like I haven't measured up to expectations of life.  Sometimes set by me, sometimes set by others.  But I know when I call on the Lord, I remember his words, I am pulled out of that stinkin thinkin.

Psalm 18:3 says I will call upon the Lord, which is worthy to be praised: so shall I be safe from mine enemies.

Even in scriptures man/woman did not find themselves worthy. 

Matthew 10:37-391599 Geneva Bible (GNV)
37 [a]He that loveth father or mother more than me, is not wort…