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Look at me! What can you see? Do you see?

As I opened up Zephaniah, a small book in the Old Testament. I was reading the Introduction and it reads like this. "Standing on a busy corner, the prophet lifts a rough sign inscribed with the short message: "Repent, the for end is near!" People rush by. They don't notice or don't want to notice the message. God has become someone they can ignore. Zephaniah's moment in history was an ancient version of that scene. He repeatedly warned people. "The Day of the Lord is at hand!" using the expression more than any other prophet did. His work set the stage for a last minute revival under Josiah. It was short lived. Only a few years. Judah had been defeated and sent to exile. People who ignored God discovered they could not ignore. 

This book was written by Zephaniah during his ministry, about 635 - 625 B.C. Along his journey of telling you what the Lord says, he states his lineage.  He is the only prophet descended from royalty.  He was a conte…