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I have enjoyed and learned from all the Kendrick Brother movies.  Flywheel, Facing the Giants, War Room, Fireproof, and Courageous. 

All of them with incredible story lines that tell about life and the struggles we all face.  Flywheel is about a used car salesman who is crooked and is in for a life change.  Facing the Giants is about a coach who no one really wants coaching because the team is losing.  He gives his life and team to the Lord and it all begins to turn around.  Fireproof is about a husband that is addicted to Porn and not really his wife.  He almost gives up on his marriage and so does she, but something happens.  His dad gives him a 30 day life changing book that begins very slowly to change the situations, it's called the LOVE Dare Book.  Courageous is about fatherhood and how to be a better father.  War Room, by far my favorite.  It's about prayer. 

Do you know how important talking to the LORD is?  It is So very important.  I have been ab…