Saturday, February 26, 2011

The winds of change...

We can feel the winds of change coming.  It is already "spring" here in the Panhandle of Florida.  In fact, we already got the first sunburn of the season for us!  Whew, glad that is out of the way!

Seriously, a few church positions have opened up and though I wrote that I wasn't sure I wanted to be back in a stick and brick, my soul has so missed it.  I miss the kids, the parents, the crazy starts of the early Sunday Morning.  I miss the praying over my "kids" and their families and the volunteers.  I miss so much of it.  I miss seeing my husband help change young lives for Christ.  Teaching them God's truth.

You may be thinking, yeah, it's the paycheck she misses.  Truthfully, I had done this type of job as a volunteer for many years.  Paychecks usually are my least concern, God supplies just enough to make it and though I know many preach prosperity, we are prosperous.  We are rich in the kingdom!  We have Jesus and we know we can work just about anywhere!  I know jobs are seeming really sparse at this time, the economy doesn't seem hopeful, but fix your eyes on Jesus.  Circumstances come and they go, but Jesus is always there.  Faith, Hope and Love, the greatest of these is Love.

I want to share something else with you.  When Steve and I met, the debt load being carried was over $60,000!  Some have more than this and can't see a way out.  My dear, there is a way out!  It isn't bankuptcy either!  If you are a God man or a God woman, you have to keep yourself beautiful to yourself and others, which means take a hold of that debt and pay it off!  It may seem impossible, but with God all things are possible!  Take the credit cards and stop using them!  When you use them, you incur more debt and more interest and if you are only paying minimum on them, you are spinning your wheels.  Pay the smallest $$ card off first, then attack the next one!  If you have a car payment, keep paying it. It will get paid off after everything else is done.  Stop eating out for a while and make a menu you can stick with, take your lunch to work and sometimes your breakfast too.  You can go to movies, or use the Redbox with your debit card and watch one movie.  We didn't stop living because we were paying down the debt, we just learned how to be really frugal.  We paid that $60,000 off in just 2.5 years!  We used one paycheck to pay off the debts and one paycheck to pay the house bills.  It didn't give us a lot for spending but it gave us so much freedom! 

Since this time, we have purchased a brand new Ford truck (on sale), paid it off in 18 months.  When we sat down with the finance guy, he looked at the credit report and sat back in his chair with an awe!  Paying all that debt off, left us with a great report!  The same day we bought the truck we bought our travel trailer!  We paid that off in 18 mo.! 

We had 2 paid for cars, paid for truck, trailer and had started a savings!  In just 5 years and I had started Bible college- but no debt occured with it.  I paid it as I took a class!  In 2.5 years I completed 4 years of Bible school- debt free!

So, we are in prayer mode these days. 

I wanted to share with you two books that we have found as incredible tools for the Christian Journey, really a life journey too.

Blessing Your Spirit

Product Description

Our human spirit is responsive. When it is ignored, it will atrophy. When it is nurtured it will grow.
Truth is the nutrient that most powerfully transforms your spirit. Your spirit needs to know the truth about you and about God. Some of that truth is spoken by the Spirit of God to your spirit and some is input that you deliberately seek.
This book is a series of blessings designed to leverage the growth of your spirit. It begins with a fathering theme. For 40 days, legitimacy and identity are explored from the Father's perspective. Then after we have seen ourselves from God's perspective, He invites us to see Him. There are 21 more days of blessings flowing from the names of God.
Finally at the end of the book there is a list of verses that describe the range of activities and emotions of the human spirit. These are designed to help you develop a working theology of your own spirit.
This tool can significantly improve your marriage and your relationship with your children. The most exciting transformation through is when you become much more at peace with yourself and when you discover facets of your own nature that you did not know were there. (To see other titles by this author use the Advanced Search and type Arthur A. Burk in the Author box. Or type Plumbline Ministries in the Publisher box.)

About the Author

Sylvia Gunter has devoted 25 years of her life to the message of who God is and who we are in Him. She has written 8 books on prayer. Her ministry, The Father s Business, covers a broad spectrum of visions. The vision statement is to be in my Father s house, doing the things of my Father (Luke 2:49). Her heart is for Christians to develop intimacy with their loving Father and to know their authority in Christ. Her book Prayer Portions has gone into 135 countries. Sylvia lives in Birmingham, AL with her husband John.
Arthur Burk is a researcher whose war cry is There has to be a better way. He is no friend of dysfunctional systems or beliefs. On the surface, you readily see the diversity of his background. He has traveled globally for half a century, is multi-lingual and has allowed the strengths and nuances of many cultures to inform and enrich his world view. He has been a pastor, home schooling parent, businessman, public speaker and writer, all of which served to give him a highly textured view of life. While his experiences in life have given him a broad view of many topics, he is ultimately defined by his high view of God. Whether he is ministering to babies or consulting with businessmen, God is not far off. He sees the principles from the Word as applicable everywhere, and celebrates the power of God flowing from principles. For decades now, people have said that they see life and God differently for having been exposed to Arthur s world view.

This blessing book is incredible!  Your spirit just soars when it is being read! 
It was the most incredible, sensational devotional we have done together!

Biblical Foundations for Freedom: Destroying Satan's Lies with God's Truth
This is a review from someone about this book.

This review is from: Biblical Foundations for Freedom: Destroying Satan's Lies with God's Truth (Paperback)
I was a powerless Christian for two decades, and didn't know why. I prayed for salvation and sancification in general terms, but was still bound.

Art's book explained why. I had read about generational curses before, but didn't understand that I needed to take a active role in praying, to come against and break those generational curses once and for all, that were affecting my life, as an undercurrent. That was just a start. I thought I had forgiven those who had hurt me, but through the scripture, Art explained how if there is pain in a memory, there is bitterness, which kepts us bound, and can lead to auto-immune diseases. Now I understand that emotional pain is a trigger to pray, and Art has a very simple four-part prayer, that includes asking God for forgiveness, receiving His forgiveness, forgiving the offender, coming against Satan and his power in that memory (which now has no legal access because of forgiveness) and asking the Holy Spirit to heal your heart and tell you his truth. It may sound formulaic, but it's totally about relationship and the Word of God.

There is so much more to this book than what I have said. See the Wellsprings Ministry website at for more information. I attended a seminar recently, and it was the best ever.

When we started the Freedom book, we weren't sure what we were in for.  But ya know, as you grew up sometimes things felt unfair, maybe you thought you were unloved.  Maybe you felt abandoned along your life's journey.  Those thoughts and feelings become strongholds and take a grip on the inside of you.  This is satan's ways of coming into your life and holding you captive.  The Bible says to take "Every thought captive, every imagination".  Ya know too, that generationally things get handed down, good or bad and those are strongholds that have to be broken. 

I have broken several strongholds and so has Steve since we started this class.  We have also forgiven ourselves for many things.  Our growth in our life has superceded what we ever thought possible.  It has been incredible!  We feel the yokes of bondage off and we are lighter than ever!  Our life doesn't contain bitterness anymore.   

Maybe, just maybe, there are things deep seeded in your life and you take great offense to what someone does or says, it seems impossible to ever get over it.  With this book, it talks about bitterness -towards others; self-bitterness- self hate, condeming your self, and so much in this area.  Then it talks about forgiveness, and all the tools in Satan's bag. 

Someone explained the book this way. 

It's like credit card debt, no one likes it, but sometimes it's there.  When we get to heaven, we don't want that credit card debt at the seat of judgement day.  God will ask us why we didn't forgive this or that and you know if we didn't forgive someone or ourself, he can't forgive us (our debt). 

Don't you want to get to heaven and be able to go to the 10 items or less Judgement seat line and God says " Dude, you've done all the work already, you're forgiven and you can pass through, no questions asked".  You ask, "Why?  Why do they stand in line and I pass through?"  God says " "Son/Daughter, you have done all the forgiving on the earth and I have forgiven you of all that you asked forgiveness from.  Your debt is zero and you enter in w/o having to explain."  "Here's your crown of Life"  "You have been a good and faithful servant"  So, check out these books!  Change your life!

Trust and VIPKID travels!

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