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Travel Blog James 4

Wow!  This journey is kind of fun don't you think?  What have you learned so far?  Let's roll backwards a bit and see what stuck out at us?   I have read this chapter many times before, but breaking it down has helped to see these are instructions to live as Christ did.  You see, James came to know his half brother's life's mission later.  Yes, he grew up with him but he was not happy about what Jesus was doing, he didn't understand the full weight of it until after Jesus' brutal death and his glorious resurrection.  He was behind the "curve ball" and he had something to say about it.  So as we read it, we are reading it as he began to really understand it himself.  He began to draw nearer to Him then he ever did before.

Have you written anything down yet?  Have you tucked it away if you wrote it down? 

As we journey into this Chapter 4 of James, it's gonna seem a bit rough and real.  It may seem that He is kicking your personal beliefs or you ma…