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Here we grow again and again and again!

Lots have happened here! We have sincerely discussed an incredible new journey in our lives, we would talk about it when we walked, we would talk about it when we would see others with one.  We would talk ourselves out of it and we would wait until later to get a dog.
Well, we are in TN and I decided to take a peek at the SPCA website in this area.  There was a little yorkie/poodle mix up for adoption.  Well, the same day we decided to head up over the Smoky's to see Cherokee and the KOA.  We were offered a job at that KOA, they said they would take off the wheels off our rig so we had to stay!  We just laughed at them!
There were ice sickles hanging out on the walls of the mountain and about 1 1/2 in. of snow on the mountain road when we went over.  Construction of a new retaining wall, very important, since it is a huge drop down the mountain!

Along the way we came across a grist mill that still works and still runs lots of water through it. 

Steve decided his burden was just too …