Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Where oh where did we go?

Wow!  What a blessing of a year!  Let's recap what has happened in our lives.  We have journeyed from Summerdale AL in Dec. 2017 for a Family Sister Reunion in Bushnell FL.  We rolled into the Escapees park near there, our rig is very long, but they assured us we would be level.

We tried, we squeezed, we got in, but with our jacks not being wonderful, we squished them and sunk! All the while the fridge went out because we were unlevel.  No internet, no TV, unlevel, oh man!  One night, that was it.  I needed to work!  So we drove into Walmart and noticed Blueberry Hill RV park, nice long level sites, beautifully kept but the price!  Still, I paid up front $2,400 for 3 mo. We got our money back from the Sumter Oaks Escapees Park, 7 miles away. 
Our fridge was out!  It cost us $3,000 to replace!  I was angry with the SOEP! I was angry that we lost so much!  We used the cooler that we had but we had to wait over a month for the part to come in.  This changed our diet which was really great. 

So, we moved to the park and these loud birds show up.  Sandhill cranes!  We were so excited to see them because living in Nebraska, these fly through for a few weeks as their migration pattern happens in the spring and the sandhills are full of them. The joy of being at a nice RV park rather than one that looks poor and unkept was nice and relaxing.  We had cable, internet and a host of opportunities to swim or take part of many things on site. Walmart was just across the street.

 They had 4 sites for us to choose from, I took the closest to the main area.  Peter and I walked every morning, Steve walked in the afternoon.  It was really nice. We met up with Jenny, we had not seen each other in 10 years!  It was really nice.  She and her husband, Tony, moved to The Villages 3 years prior.  They were establishing themselves in their community. 


 I love this pic of Peter.  When we travel he is my seatmate.  He is the sweetest dog.  I wish humans could be as sweet as they are. 

We drove from Summerdale, the day after Christmas, through Milton, dropping down to go to Navarre FL and taking the beach road.  We stopped in at Mary Esther, Mexico Beach and Destin.  This place 7 years ago when we drove through to Ft. Walton Beach was not built up at all, this was a small village that had hopes and dreams of a utopian world. We later saw a tv show on this area and how it came to be. 

When we left Florida in April, we headed to Perry Stone's Conference in Cleveland TN.  WOW! 
It was a time of refreshing and revival for us.  One week in Cleveland, it felt like home.  One day it may be. 
Thousands of people attended the conference.  It was 4 days long and so packed with information about what is happening in our world, how it's impact of the election and what was predicted to happen.  The worship was powerful.  The Lord told us here that we were to stay on the road until HE called us off.

May 1st, we were on the road again, this time heading up to Neligh NE for annual doctor and visit Steve's mom.  We went through Kentucky to St. Louis.  We saw the Arch!  What a reminder of how the west was formed.  How hopes and dreams of a better life awaited those who would dare go beyond this point!  How many hoped and dreamt of life beyond and what it took to get there.  To go to California or Oregon and how many settled in places between.  The stories that awake you because of a dream.

So we get to Neligh, through days of spending the nights in Walmarts and taking 10 days off to travel and not worry about working while we were traveling and attending the conference. 
 We found a Walmart in the middle of Missouri and went around the backside of it to come out by the Garden center.  Huge area and we went in. No problems either.  Nice.  Even Dino enjoyed the ride.  He was peeking out the window during the trip.  He was excited to see his friends again.  This was a pretty warm night to be boondocking but the alternative, there wasn't one.

Dino was pretty happy.  He was seeing new things, traveling roads he had never been on.  I-70 was pretty nice.  Imagine if you were in the wagon train over 100 years ago, traveling through the brush, nothing really to stop at.  They would restock in St. Joseph before heading through Nebraska.  Children, animals, and moms and dads walking.  That dream coming closer to reality.  Everything they own was in that wagon.  They were off on an adventure that would change and change their lives. St. Louis and the East coast would be a memory for them.
Life would forever be altered.  As we travel and traverse these roads, we imagine what it was like.  Everything we own is right here in this rig.  We have 290 HP compared to their 4 horses.  We are not walking but we are spending the nights in places we can stop.  We usually have a destination in mind.

From Neligh we headed to Wisconsin and up to Upper Michigan for our interior tour.  Miles and miles and miles stretched before us.  Miles and miles were behind us. 

We had our first flat on the trailer and would lose 2 more as we completed the journey.

During our travels I was able to keep working after the 10 days off.  I was busting it all the way. 

 This is my classroom.  We put a cover over the shelf as we travel.  Take down the lights, close the computer and go.  What a joy it is to teach. 
 So, now it's mid May and we are heading up the UP and here is Lake Superior.  One of the 5 Great Lakes we will see this trip.  How cool! 

 We went to Mackinac Island.  We drove through Wisconsin, through Green Bay.  It was a beautiful drive.  We had so much fun in this portion of our trip.  We drove up to see the SOO locks too.  We enjoyed that leg of our trip.  We had a great time.

 And- Paul and Babe.  In my classes, he comes up as a folk tale.  It is fun to teach about him after seeing and being up in this area.

Trust and VIPKID travels!

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