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What is Christmas?

I look at what Christmas means... the celebration, the symbols, the reasons to celebrate, to give gifts, to see one another in a new light.  The Light of Jesus.  As I write this, I will be the first one to say I am not perfect in this way.  There are a few people that I thought so highly of and even put on pedestals only to watch what I thought was a great fall from grace.  In my own eyes, they did and letting go of them has been hard but I can't see them for the greatness they once had in my eyes.  I can't see them for the changes they have made within them and on the outside because it's not the person whom I believed in for years.  So I, too, struggle with this. 

Let's take a peek at all things that we surround ourselves with for the holidays.

The Manger scene- Joseph and Mary, and of course Jesus.  Let's look at where it is...  Back then, they put there animals in caves, not in wooden structures.  The manger itself was a stone feeding trough with hay in it.