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Thanksgiving 2015

For the first time in many years, I have received the Spirit of Christ-mas! 

It's time to celebrate the goodness and greatness of our Lord. 

To see the good in what's coming of our world. 
To see the greatness of the people around us. 
In our own families, in our co-workers, in our neighbors. 

Sometimes it's really hard to see the greatness because we only see flaws, but in every person, even those that terrorize others, somewhere deep down there is a greatness that has not been given the water that it needs.  Even in those that we can not agree with or even really like, have greatness in them. 
My own celebrations at home when the kids were little, were feasts but not often with family because we lived far, far way from them and could not make it home. 

So, let's get back to this season.  First we have Thanksgiving, we sort of know the story behind that, somewhat maybe.  But let's really look at it.  So we have two stories here, which one do you relate with…