Saturday, February 28, 2015

the eagle has landed.

At least for the time being.  We are awaiting something HUGE, something that will allow us to change our views and travel better. 

We are sitting at an Escapees Park in Livingston TX and await.  This is where our mail comes now, this is our new home address.  The park is filled with likeminded people who have chosen this lifestyle and chosen to give up their "Stick and Brick" houses.  The array of living spaces is amazing!  To each their own and living the way they are comfortable. Some are older, some are younger, some are still working, some work camp, some just enjoy the retirement scene, some volunteer for Habitat for Humanity or other organizations. 

There is a lot out there for those that choose this lifestyle.  We are thrilled to be back. 

We are sincerely hoping to have our business taken care of by next week so we can head off to Georgia for a month.  We have a prophecy conference to attend at the end of April.  Then we will make a slow crawl to Montana via Nebraska.  We may be helping my mom out for a few months and learn a lot about the bait business. 
Until next time....His Peace.

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