Monday, January 17, 2011

January 17, 1990

This day was a difficult day, at the time it was unbearable!  David (my son) at age 6 1/2 yo, knocked on heaven's door and entered into God's home.  David fought a good fight and his life wasn't easy.  David had many handicaps against him.  He had his first surgery at age 2 mo. The Dr's opened up his head for a craniostenetosis.  What's that?  David's soft spot grew closed at about 6 weeks and our wonderful nurse Laurie G. from WIC noticed this first.  The ball started to roll rapidly down hill, life changed so incredibly fast.  David had the first of many surgeries.  Through this surgery, David lost his hearing.  We didn't know this until about age 18 mo, when he started school at this age. 

David went through several changes as we did.  At age 2, David got a new little sister who was God's gift to him.  He also has a big brother who kept us very busy.  The new little sister came and taught David how to crawl and walk, it was like having two babies at the same time, but I managed.  I was a single mom with 3 children at this time.  He struggled with hospitalizations, ear infections, pneumonia, failure to thrive, extremely high fevers, seizures and  so many other things. 

When David was 2 1/2 yo we were involved for the first time in church.  A Singles group asked if they could pray healing prayers over David, and I agreed.  This healing lasted for 4 years!  No sickness, no ear infections, no nothing!  David was not suppose to make it to age 2,  the Dr's said.  God had other plans!

Years later, he was 6 1/2 yo, his brother was 7 1/2 yo and his sister was just about 4 yo

On Jan. 15, all of a sudden, David choked on some gummy worms that all three kids were eating.  This induced a Grand Mal Seizure, he hadn't had one in 4 years!  He was taken by ambulance with me sitting on the top of him begging him not to go home yet, I needed him in my life.  David spent the night in the hospital to get him started on meds again!  It had been a long time since any hospitalizations!  David came home the next day and played well.  He attended school for the last time on Jan. 17th. On this day, he passed every goal set for him for the entire year, he swam and played.  It was his last day here.
David spiked a high fever of 105', had a grand mal seizure, vomited, and choked on it and passed away. I tried to do CPR and mouth to mouth but to no avail, we had two ambulances at the house and our friends from Bisak (who took him just three days before). Dr. Heinz (our doctor who followed us on so many appts and traveled to them also) declared David gone.  He came and told us in the waiting room.  The two kids went to say goodbye and I couldn't.  I couldn't bring myself to even step a foot into the funeral home until my friend from high school called, she had lost a child a few months before called me and helped me through this rollercoaster of emotions.  She told me what I had to do and how I had to go through this.  Through the phone she walked me through and forever I am grateful. 

  This was incredible for everyone, I can't get over the response from so many, even years later.  David had so many people at his funeral, I couldn't believe the lives he had touched and changed.  David was always an upbeat child, he was rarely cranky, sad, upset or anything like that.  He loved everyone and loved to eat!  We have lots of memories of great times with him.
It's been 21 years now, the years have not gone by smoothly with this day.  David's older brother still deals with this day very hard, his little sister has done much better. 

But today I want to celebrate his life, He is in Heaven and He is loving on Jesus.  It wasn't until I read this book, "Heaven is for Real" by Todd Burpo and his little young son who entered heaven and returned. I am finally released from the pain and the torment that this day has had over me.  I am looking forward to seeing someday, my son in heaven and a few grandboys that made it there before they were born,  Mattie and Casey.  I know David was tickeled when they came up to heaven.  He had family there that he can play with.  David would be 27 today and not sure what his situation would have been, but ...      

Here is an excerpt video.  The first one is an interview from Oasis and the 2nd is the preface of the book, read by dad, Todd Burpo.

Get the book and find out what a child saw in heaven.  It will change your heart, quicken your step to share your faith so everyone who knows and accepts Jesus will be saved.  It will help you deal with those who have already entered heaven.


Trust and VIPKID travels!

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