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January 17, 1990

This day was a difficult day, at the time it was unbearable!  David (my son) at age 6 1/2 yo, knocked on heaven's door and entered into God's home.  David fought a good fight and his life wasn't easy.  David had many handicaps against him.  He had his first surgery at age 2 mo. The Dr's opened up his head for a craniostenetosis.  What's that?  David's soft spot grew closed at about 6 weeks and our wonderful nurse Laurie G. from WIC noticed this first.  The ball started to roll rapidly down hill, life changed so incredibly fast.  David had the first of many surgeries.  Through this surgery, David lost his hearing.  We didn't know this until about age 18 mo, when he started school at this age. 

David went through several changes as we did.  At age 2, David got a new little sister who was God's gift to him.  He also has a big brother who kept us very busy.  The new little sister came and taught David how to crawl and walk, it was like having two babies at…