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Today is the first day of many more to come - duh!

Dear friends,

I have tried posting something I thought was wonderful, however, I just can't get it to cut and paste and do what I want. 
So I found the link to it.  The letter is from Dave Roberson, Family Prayer Center in Tulsa OK.  This man is an incredible Godly man.  He will spend days with Jesus in the Shekeniah Glory and God will pour out what He wants Dave to teach.  check out March 2011. 

I tried to give you a foretaste of it but it is secured. 

When I went with Steve to the Prayer Center, I was amazed.  It isn't much to look at, the chairs are worn, the carpet is pink and green (green is the prayer line) and it's a little uneven on the floors.  But when you get past that,the worship is true worship- worshipping the King of Kings! The teaching from Dave, Gary Carpenter, Alan Taylor and Mark Jenkins is intensely incredible.  I had never been to a place where men of God devoted their days to listening and praying for guidance.  D…