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"I wanna know what love is! I want you to show me".

Remembering that song and wondering why would he sing that?  Sometimes in life you wonder, what is love?  Why can't I feel it?  Where is it?  Why, what, where, when, how?  All these I wonder if you every wonder about them?

When the babies are born, that love that is instantaneously there, until your first really hard night.  Just kidding.  But they grow up so fast. 

You hope you did your best rearing them, you give everything for them and lay down your life for them. 

So the question is... What is love?  When your children leave home, sometimes it feels like you just can't feel anymore, you are lost and alone.  At least for me it felt like that.  I wasn't sure how love was suppose to go on, what was the new normal?

One song that helped Christy and I through was the Roots and Wings song.  I gave her roots so she had wings to fly.  It was so hard to see her fly over to Germany and begin a new life as Mrs.  and b…