Saturday, October 12, 2013

Essential Business Writing class

Wow!  It's been a long, long time, since we have been on the road.  It has been 2 years since we have come off the road and into a stick and brick house.  Yet, this is still not home.  Home is where the heart is and this is not where our heart is.  Our heart is out there on the road; meeting new people and learning their stories, seeing our families more often than we have. 

In the past few months, many things have happened.  Our house was broken into, vanished were 2 computers- one with all my writings and ramblings and our past ten years of pictures, the other computer was brand new.  Some jewelry walked off too.  It was pretty frightening since I walked in on them at lunch time.  I was so angry and really afraid more for our fur-babies than for myself. 

Our oldest dog, she is 5 now, has PTSD and we have been extra careful with her.  She lost it about a week after this break in.  She was hiding under the beds for about a week or so.  It took a lot of coaxing her to come out and she was safe.  The pup, is now 9 mo. and was locked in the bathroom, I think he was actually sleeping in the tub when they came in and they noticed him and shut the door.  Our cat was locked in a bedroom and when I let him out he ran.  He ran out of the window the robbers opened and he was GONE.  He had a hard time coming back into the house the next day, it took a lot of talking and reassuring him that it was ok. 

We have not done a lot of ministry like we had hoped we would since we have had this house.  We were prepared and ready to minister but it has yet to come. 

We were asked to leave a church in February because they were afraid of us.  Afraid of us?  We thought this was a great place to be, but the pastor was afraid we would start this healing ministry and leave his people and not take care of them.  That wasn't our intention, never was and never will be.  We wanted to be a part of something bigger than us.

Great news, maybe, depending on how you look at it.  The person that destroyed the ministry God and I put together, finally left after taking my position and finally found something else to work towards.  Yes, I blame this person.  She did not have a passion for the position, she had the knowledge maybe.  But others followed her lead and they were led like lambs to the slaughter. 

Okay, maybe that isn't fair or even nice.  But it took 5 years of building for a year of destroying. 

Trust and VIPKID travels!

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