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Entrapment-  to lure into a compromising statement or act.  Tough word.  In January on this blog, I wrote that we felt trapped, entrapped.  How were we ever to get out of it?  Well, here is October 2012 on us and in August, the Lord gave us that word of entrapment.  However, this time, we came home and prayed about it.  We realized that what we were doing was being trapped into something others believe is the American dream of having a house and all the stuff that goes with it.  For us, it is entrapment.  We have a travel trailer that is our home.  It is something we love and we love being in. 

 This is our home, but right now it is sitting outside in the driveway waiting to be used again. 

We are looking for a Children's Pastor Position and to get back to the call we were given by the Lord a few years ago.  Man, Lord we were so very blessed! 

Me, saying goodbye!  I was really losing it deep down. 

I have been given another word, the Lord has wrapped me as a cocoon and is pre…