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The Voice of God, have you heard it?  If not, why?  If so, have you been listening really closely as He gives you the words for your life?

The Voice of God tells a story, the story of your life.  He whispers your name for you to hear, he dances over you when you are unaware, he sings your name and delights in you.  He loves you dearly. 

He wants to spend time with you just like a parent wants to talk on the phone.  Spend a few minutes thanking him and loving on him and then listen closely.  At first you may not hear him, he may seem far away, but He is right there waiting on you to be very quiet and listening.  When he has your attention, you will hear him. 

I have many conversations with Him, but I have to remember to STOP talking and listen.  That still small voice is there. 

When I was in church ministry, God ran the ministry through me by speaking to me.  I would spend the month of July asking Him what He wanted to teach the kids for the year, I would talk to him in the wee mor…