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Are you clearly heaven bound... or are you...?

Why do I ask this?  Because Hell is real and so is Heaven!  The devil rules hell along with all the demons that he sends forth to prick and poke at your life.  Jesus is the only way to heaven, the WAY, the Truth and the Life, NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER unless through me. 


But by today's thinking everyone goes to heaven.  Umm.... no they don't.  Narrow is the way for wide is the gate.  Narrow is the way is so much more than what you think, it's about obedience to God.  It's not always easy because temptations come and they try their hardest to take you places you would never go on your own or your own choosing.  That gate is wide and wide open, but you have the choice to close it. 

To whom am I speaking to here?  Well, it seems that on FB things get posted and never sure what the true heart for God is.  I hear AMEN on things but when it really matters to the real life stuff of what is happening in our world, the answer is we need God's help and we need to pr…