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Let's continue on our journey of learning how to let go of stuff in our lives.

It seems that fear and anxiety attacks are common and allow our bodies to become major testing labs for the medical professions.  I don't despise Dr's, but I believe that there is always a pinpoint to our illness or diagnosis.  It has started somewhere in our bodies for some reason we didn't know about.

One of these starters are fear and anxiety.  They cause so many problems in our bodies. 

Here's just a short list, but the list is so much longer: 

Acid Reflux

Resting Tremor

Phobias come from this too! 

Kidney stones are caused by self-bitterness, self rejection, fear and anxiety. 

PTSD is also caused because of fear and anxiety, guilt, worry, depression, self-hatred, trauma and shame. 

PMS does too but it has some other stuff with it too, conflict, fear of abandonment, depression, self-bitterness, anger and guilt. 

Memory loss can be caused by fear and anxiety too! 

Also insomnia! 

Tension Headaches

Migraines too!

Our bodies are incredible and they really only break down w…