Friday, February 25, 2011

This is the day!

Picture of a child whose life is being transformed by faith in God through Jesus Christ our Lord.
How can we lead our children in faith? 
We can help our children to rightly understand the truth of God.  We can show them how superior Jesus Christ is to the fictional heroes presented to them by the modern media.  This world has never lacked fictional heroes.  Most of the gods of ancient religions are heroes built almost entirely on imagination.  Stories that may have been originally inspired by a famous battle or great deed grew larger and more fanciful with every telling.  Sagas and legends grew and grew, until the men or women were made into gods.
Such fictional and mythical gods are still among us in the comic book heroes and TV cartoons or recent generations.  People love stories of great courage and mighty feats.  We all love a good story, and children are no exception.  In fact, children need great stories and heroes to help them form healthy ideals and a strong sense of right and wrong.  Many of the tales in literature, and even of Hollywood have helped to teach "moral" lessons to generations of young people.
Christians have a far better foundation to offer our children.  While we may occasionally share fictional tales with our little ones, we also have the Bible itself, a source that is spiritually and practically superior in every way to all the imaginations of men and women.  For one thing, the Bible is true.  The stories and lives revealed in Scripture are real people who lived in the real world and who interacted with One True God.  Not all of them are heroes.  Not all enjoyed a good end.  But in every case, we see that God was truly good and right and just in His dealings.
When we take the time to give our children true stories of how God works in the lives of real people, we help build an eternal foundation in their hearts and minds that will serve them well as long as they walk this earth.  Never discount the things your children and grandchildren hear you say about God.  They will never forget it.  Their minds will draw on it ever time they strive to understand more about life and faith and God.
While it is perfectly alright to use general terms and expressions when talking about God with children, make a point of also being specific often enough for the little ones to know who is who and what is what.  Jesus often made it clear, for example, that God is our heavenly Father, that only God is truly good, and that God delights to give us eternal life, as well as the things we truly need in this life.  Jesus was always talking about a heavenly kingdom, especially when talking to people who were eagerly seeking a restored earthly kingdom. 
Today, we may not think much about having a kingdom down here, but we still spend a lot of time thinking about houses and clothes and bills and all the other things we want.  We can teach our children about God's faithfulness and love, and help them to give more attention to eternal values.  At the same time, we can help them learn from Jesus about how to treat other people, and how to be good stewards of the life and world God has given us to manage.

We are praying for God's direction and His timing.  We have several things in the works but not sure which will come first.  Kinda like the chicken or the egg. 
In God's timing it is usually so unexpected and our last minute and for Him, He is right on time.  So, we await His timing and are faithful in His choices.  If we practice what we preach/teach/write about, this is just another faith step in our journey.  We trust that God knows and opens doors for us. 

Trust and VIPKID travels!

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