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This is the day!

Picture of a child whose life is being transformed by faith in God through Jesus Christ our Lord. How can we lead our children in faith?  We can help our children to rightly understand the truth of God.  We can show them how superior Jesus Christ is to the fictional heroes presented to them by the modern media.  This world has never lacked fictional heroes.  Most of the gods of ancient religions are heroes built almost entirely on imagination.  Stories that may have been originally inspired by a famous battle or great deed grew larger and more fanciful with every telling.  Sagas and legends grew and grew, until the men or women were made into gods. Such fictional and mythical gods are still among us in the comic book heroes and TV cartoons or recent generations.  People love stories of great courage and mighty feats.  We all love a good story, and children are no exception.  In fact, children need great stories and heroes to help them form healthy ideals and a strong sense of right and w…