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Happy New Year! (trumpets blow, the whistles toot)

Isn't it a wonderful time to celebrate God's goodness and love?  Wow!

What has God done in your life this past year?  What have you done with God's blessings in your life this past year?  Have you followed His plan and call on your life or have you waited until it was just right to finally allow God to have His way?

Did you do what He called you to do without quibbling? 

Where did He take you this past year?  Did He take you out of your comfort zone to a place of the unknown or did you decide that it was too uncomfortable and stayed put? 
Lots of things have happened in our past year! 

January- we knew God had called us out of the church we worked in.  It was a good thing he birthed a new vision in us in that few months prior, I was really struggling with what God had been planning for us.  Not with God, but with leaving the many children and families we were working with and that the growth of the ministries were amazing.  God was doing and growing so many parents.  I watch…